Inside the female brain…

I have to get up in 5 hours but I cannot shut my brain off. It must be nice to be a guy because somehow they just hit the pillow and pass right out. I’m jealous. SO asked me multiple times what was wrong. I said nothing. I’m such a girl. 

Umm you left and didn’t bother to tell me. You said You were going to go, but you went out back and I thought you were sitting out there. I have no clue when you left.  You were glued to your phone most of the night and when you started falling asleep on the couch and I called you out on it you said I wouldn’t get off my phone. I HAD JUST SAT DOWN. 

I told you I suck at communicating. So I will sit here mad, partially because he doesn’t seem to know why I’m mad, and hope I get some rest before I have to roll out of bed for work.  😂