Fight Fight Fight

It’s all we seem to do since my girls have been back from their dad’s. I hold my mouth shut on everything until I can’t. He’s harder on my girls than his boys. He will tell you he isn’t but he is. We don’t really get a break from the girls so it’s like he is always mad. The boys are hardly here so they start fresh every other weekend.  Last night he brought down a basket that had the boys laundry in it….empty…now had I went and done that for the girls and he knew I did their laundry it would have been the end of the world. Ok not really but I would have heard so much bitching. His youngest gets away with anything. I let him baby talk all weekend waiting for SO to say something….he didn’t. They never make their beds, but the girls have to. Only and the youngest  was yelling “you suck you suck” in the pool…at 5 years old? I don’t agree with that at all.  Idk if SO is failing to see when his boys do the same things the girls do or if he doesnt care because the girls do it. We have to get on the same page. I get it, when I’m stressed I let everything go (including discipline) and just function. Not to mention he probably did the worst thing you could possibly do and called me his exes name. Not the first time…umm I’m not a whore/POS mom that doesn’t spend time with her kids and uses them as pawns, but thanks. Its gonna be an awful day, but I guess we all have those


Author: HeartsandFlowers

I'm in a relationship. I have kids. Life thinks I like to be challenged. It's not always easy having my shit together, but I have to do it so I do. These are my ups and downs. I hope it helps someone.

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