What a weekend…

I’m not even sure where to start at this point so I’m just going to unload whatever comes first and we will see how that works out. SO does pest service, yesterday while at an appointment the client gives him her number. He takes it so she gives a good review and then tosses it when he left and called me immediately to tell me it happened.  What kind of world do we live in that we have to be worried about the kind of review we will get if we turn down someone because we are unavailable? He wasn’t hiding anything and this isn’t the first time someone at work has hit on him (ok so he’s kinda attractive…i lie…he’s extremely attractive and he has these gorgeous eyes…oh and an accent which I can’t stand accents so I have no idea how this is working out between us, but every other female thinks it’s some awesome amazing thing for a guy to have an accent). Part of me is stuck on what kind of girl even attempts to give her number to a guy without asking if he is single. Another part thinks that it doesn’t matter what the review was he shouldn’t have even taken the number and just said “no thanks I’m unavailable.” I love that he is open and honest with me, but if I didn’t walk around with a ring on and I accepted guys numbers to be nice (and tossed them) he would flip out.

The clingy ex has been just as clingy as ever. I’m not sure how this girl has made it this far in life. She can’t make a single decision without consulting SO.  Last weekend it was car crap and this weekend it was life insurance. Freaking out on who handles her funeral expenses and plans and should she get life insurance on the kids. FIND SOMEONE to plan your shit in your family.  I sure as shit hope she doesn’t think she will have anything to do with anything if something happened to SO.  He’s your ex. His only obligation is making sure the kids are there for the service. Omg I swear I’m gonna blow up on her, but I’m not sure she has sense enough to grasp what I say.   


Author: HeartsandFlowers

I'm in a relationship. I have kids. Life thinks I like to be challenged. It's not always easy having my shit together, but I have to do it so I do. These are my ups and downs. I hope it helps someone.

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