Let it go….

I’m beginning to think I should have called this blog “tales of the crazy exes” and just made every post about one of our exes. We are on vacation today. Out of town for my cousins wedding. His ex has known about this trip for months, but yet at 830 this morning she was calling.  So I answered and she was like  “did he forget his phone at home again?” (he forgot his phone a month ago and she continued to blow it up all day knowing I had it) I said “umm no, we’re in Alabama” and told him to get the phone. I had hardly any sleep and I was pulled over to feed the baby. She asked a question that should have been sent as a simple text (but no she has to talk to him). I was pissed. Well I thought I was, but if I wasn’t then I sure was a few hours later when she called and texted about how to fix something on her car. Umm it’s called YouTube. Or you have a boyfriend and need to learn what EX means. No respect for our vacation or relationship. I hope she calls again. I’m putting her in her place if so.  


Author: HeartsandFlowers

I'm in a relationship. I have kids. Life thinks I like to be challenged. It's not always easy having my shit together, but I have to do it so I do. These are my ups and downs. I hope it helps someone.

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