• I’m 33 years old and I suck at communicating.   I’m aware this is an issue.  I tell myself I need to talk, but I never do.  I get upset by the stupidest stuff and then I let it blow up into something way bigger than necessary just because I wouldn’t say something to begin with.  My current frustration is our new car.  I actually regret the car because he seems more interested in the car than me. I know that’s a guy thing, but you’d have to know us to understand what that statement really means.  He’s borderline obsessed with me most days…it’s amazing and I love every minute of it.  For the last week I have barely existed and when I do it’s usually car related if he is talking.  I even tried to schedule time in our family calendar for us and that didn’t work. Guess I am now second best to a car. Hmmm who knew my only competition was a car…

    Author: HeartsandFlowers

    I'm in a relationship. I have kids. Life thinks I like to be challenged. It's not always easy having my shit together, but I have to do it so I do. These are my ups and downs. I hope it helps someone.

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