Blending Families

I love my son’s father like nothing before. I can’t even begin to describe the connection we have. My life is truly incomplete without him. If we are fighting nothing in my world is right. It is the most ridiculous yet amazing thing ever. The best part is that I know he is just as crazy in love with me. He would move mountains for me. He would  give me anything money could buy. He would do almost anything to make me happy. Yep, I said almost. Almost because he has 2 other son’s. Their mom is not a great person. She makes very questionable parenting choices, she is selfish and manipulative.  She calls and texts at all hours. She calls for a shoulder to cry on when she gets herself into a jam and needs bailed out (and always gets bailed out).  It is the most frustrating thing I have ever had to deal with. No matter how many times I say something, he keeps allowing it because she is the boys mom.  I’m  2 seconds from telling her that she is the saddest excuse of a “single mom” I have ever met. She is an even sadder excuse of a woman.  I was never aware that having myself together wasn’t the way normal people did things, but after dealing with her I am.  It’s sad. I feel incredibly sad for the boys that she thinks her example is acceptable.  Ladies, if you are going to be a “single mom” please do it right. Men, if you are going to co-parent set boundaries. 
Today was my first day back at work. I woke up very early to kisses and being told that it’s gonna be ok. I really do love him.  It’s going to be a very long week, month, 5 years…but I have to do it.


Author: HeartsandFlowers

I'm in a relationship. I have kids. Life thinks I like to be challenged. It's not always easy having my shit together, but I have to do it so I do. These are my ups and downs. I hope it helps someone.

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